Posted by: Regina Rodriguez Manzanet | October 21, 2008

Old Timers…

The Flirting Grandmother

The Flirting Grandmother

Over the weekend, I made it down to my birth city, Ponce, PR. My mother wanted to visit her sister who is ill and in the hospital so I went with her. But I also had some very specific goals in mind.

At the beginning of the summer last year, I lost my Grandmother Tina. That was something I never thought about because she was such a tough old bird… still climbing up to her roof to clean the gutters, still driving herself around the island, and still climbing up and down back and forth to and from the river behind her house.

I was in NY at the time and in two days, we all made it back home for the funeral. Something that I realized then was that we didn’t really have a lot of pictures of our grandparents.

I decided then and there that my mission was to photograph my remaining two grandparents. Well, I never made it back to PR until last month and at the beginning of this summer, I lost my grandfather and great-grandmother (it was a tough summer for us).

I don’t want to regret many things in my life, but that is one of the things that I regret the most… not making it back in time.

So, when I returned to the nest last month, I told my mother that the first thing I wanted to do was photograph my grandmother. I finally got a small chance to do that this weekend. I’m still not done with her, but I think this is a good start.

The Matriarch - My grandmother Rosa

The Matriarch - My grandmother Rosa


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