Posted by: Regina Rodriguez Manzanet | October 13, 2008

Mi Niece

Kirsten Nichole

Kirsten Nichole - My niece is helping me out a little.

This is the official start to my photography blog… welcome one and all! I can’t promise unhad adventures, but I will try my hardest to give you some enjoyable eye candy with the occasional heartstring pulls. I finally decided to take the jump and commit to photography as a full time venture after working in the nonprofit world with all its instabilities and the cloistering in the office that my positions called for. What I learned during my tenure was that I HAVE to be creative with what I’m doing.

One of the great things photography offers me is the opportunity to figure out solutions to problems with every single click. With every single click, I have to make sure my settings are correct, I have the right compositions, my foreground is in balance with my subject and background, and I have to figure out what lighting and background are appropriate for the fell of the photo I’m going after. I try to use natural light as often as possible just because I love how natural and soft it comes across.

As a photographer I get to release those creative spirits that were always tugging at my heals. I not only get to be creative taking the picture, but I also get to be creative in the post production where I can let the flair come out. One of the things that I love about it is they’re all individual pictures and going digital means I can also bring out the person hidden beneath the surface, which sometimes is what we miss in those bland studio shots.

Anyhow, I look forward to sharing more and I hope you look forward to seeing it!


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