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Law School Photoshoot – Tía

Tía Ralís

Tía Ralís

Posted by: Regina Rodriguez Manzanet | June 14, 2010

Law School Photoshoot – Esteban

Esteban Carmona

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Law School Photoshoot – Willie

William Marrero

a candid moment

Posted by: Regina Rodriguez Manzanet | December 22, 2009

Kristie & Brian 18-Oct-09

Kristie & Brian 18-Oct-09, originally uploaded by Silvered Capture.

With school weighing down on me, I only now had time to sit down and get my hands dirty with editing pictures from this wonderful wedding. Kristie is my best friend from high school and we’ve managed to keep in tough. I was so happy to be there and can’t wait to see some of these pictures in her home.

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I’m trying to decide on this year’s look for the senior’s photo rep cards. What do you think? Leave me a comment on the Flickr site for the photo.

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I love shooting “Fun.” Yesterday, I had the opportunity to shoot some ‘seniors shots’ with some very photogenic teens. They were all having a great time and we really went with it. I love taking these “action shots” so much more than posed and stiff looking portraits. I’ve never been a fan of those and even today cringe a little when I see the posed, industrial finishing line portraits that traditional “Senior’s Portraits” photographers take with the same old backdrops and the same old poses.
One of the reasons I loved this session yesterday was because you can really see their personalities so much more in these less formal portraits. I have so many more to edit and post from this session and the one coming up on Saturday (on location shoots in San Juan).

Seniors Portrait - Narmy & Emilio

Senior's Portrait - Narmy & Emilio

Posted by: Regina Rodriguez Manzanet | April 22, 2009

TED and Akoha…

So, there are two AMAZING and INSPIRING websites I want to introduce you to. The first one is TED (The Entertainment Gathering), which sounds very superficial, but it actually one of the most inspiring pages I’ve found. Go to it because there is no way I’m going to do it justice. Here is an example of what they offer…

The second site is for a ‘movement’ caled Akoha. It’s a pay it forward movement that is also great for playing with your friends and total strangers.

The website is And one of my TED inspired Akoha cards is telling me I need to photograph the need for change… stay tuned.

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New Website & Products

I’m meeting with a friend this week who is going to help me put up an official photography website… FINALLY! I’m planning on having it showcase my services as well as different styles of photography and photoshop tidbits. I really love those photographers’ sites that have these included. I mean, it’s a great way to give back what I’ve learned. If it weren’t for all those genius photographers and graphic artists who place their work online for the edgumacation of others… where would I be?! (besides unemployed and living with my parents again that is)

Stay tuned for the upcoming design sneak peeks. I have to rummage through my collection to see what I can offer up on there.

Posted by: Regina Rodriguez Manzanet | March 14, 2009

My Mater and Me

When I was younger, people enjoyed telling me how much I looked like my paternal grandmother. In fact, I remember seeing a picture of her when she was not much older than I am now and actually doing a double-take because I thought it was me. So for many years, I was convinced that I was the one that looked most like my grandmother.

However, when I first started doing self-portraits with my point&shoot a few years ago, I had a lot of family members confuse some of my shots for shots of my mother. That is what made me start to look deeper. My mother also had it stuck in her head that I was “from your father” until little by little, more and more people started telling her how much I looked like her. Now her story is that my little sister and cousin look like her when she was young and I look like her now.

I don’t think we’ve changed that much over the years so I don’t know what has caused this shift but I know I am from both of them now.

Hopefully Ill look as good someday...

Hopefully I'll look as good someday...

Posted by: Regina Rodriguez Manzanet | October 21, 2008

Daddy & Jilayka

JC & Child

JC & Child

During my time in Ponce, I also had time to reconnect with some old friends. Juan Carlos was one of the very first people I met when my family moved back to Puerto Rico. He was a short, skinny little man with huge, dark eyes and long lashes that were the envy of every little girl on the street. I had such a crush on him that summer. As it turns out, he thought I wasn’t so bad myself and we shared our first kiss together.

Now, 18 years later, he’s got his own little lady to snuggle up to. We caught up on some of those 18 years and then I forced him to sit for me. I wanted to give him something he could hold on to when she wasn’t so little anymore.

I still need to go back and get some more shots when he brings her back to see me.

Daddys little girl

Daddy's little girl

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